Finding Clarity in Four Minutes

By: Camille Licate | Spirituality | Action Resources

It is easy, in today's world, to become confused, frustrated and fearful about next steps, especially when you are not clear about how you feel, what to do or where to go.  

Here is a simple practice to help you move forward, today:

Find your clarity by gifting yourself four minutes of stillness each day. Find your breath and focus your mind on your heart.

In the quiet, ask yourself the following:

  • What makes me happy?
  • What thoughts bring me peace and joy?
  • How can I  create happiness in my life and the world?  
  • What are the next steps I need to take for my highest good?

Allow the answers to come forward…or not. Maybe today, you simply need the stillness and tomorrow the answers will come. Know that whatever is in question will work itself out in divine time, and soon, maybe even today, clarity will reveal itself to you!