Life Areas


What is financial freedom? How should wealth be defined? Is success a measure of money? In the Financial Life Area these philosophical questions on the economics of life are addressed alongside tips on how to save money, what you need to do now to prepare for retirement, and where it is best to invest. We look at issues big and details small as we help you to feel better about what you have, to clearly illuminate why you want a better financial picture, and to help you realize your own money goals.


In so many of the roles we assume and live in--boss, parent, community member, teacher--we are asked and required to lead. What does this mean, to lead? How can you most effectively help others? Why are some companies and communities finely-tuned machines and others pell-mell? The Leadership Life Area highlights how to enable and empower people to do their best. By studying world leaders, business revolutionaries, and caring community gatekeepers we reveal what creates great leaders.


Study after study reveal that almost every mom and every dad wants to be a good parent, and that most parents struggle with raising children. The partners of are parents, with small children to older teenagers. We personally want what is best for our kids, as you do for yours. From sugar to social media to self-esteem, in the Parenting Life Area we examine information from experts and everyday folks and make suggestions to help us all best navigate this vital role.

Passion | Purpose

If you could live today over again, would you do it the same? Are you fulfilled? Is your ideal of what matters matching your day-to-day behavior? What do you want? What do you long to do with your life? The Passion | Purpose Life Area helps you discover, define, and then live what really matters to you. You have a unique personal greatness that the world needs. We want to help you live your dreams so that we can all benefit from what moves you.

Physical Health

Being healthy does not mean being honed. It does mean being able to do the things you want to do and to feel good as you do them. For some, running a marathon defines this. For others, it is planting flowers. Our Physical Health Life Area provides you with tools to shift from unhealthy habits to better-body practices. If you want to learn how to lose weight, stop smoking, touch your toes, lower your cholesterol, swim the English Channel or just feel physically sound, we can help.


Wife. Husband. Friend. Brother. Sister. Co-Worker. Boss. Employee. Grandparent. Son. Daughter. Across this spectrum, good relationships tend to have the same things in common and bad relationships share the same flaws. Want to be a better spouse? We can help. Do you long to be a more loving friend? We have some ideas. The Relationship Life Area provides tools, thoughts, and stories that each one of us can put into action to build and realize more genuinely positive relationships.


This is the soul of heart, mind, body, and soul. In this Life Area we tap into the spirit of life, not by preaching a religious belief but by suggesting thoughts and paths to consider as you seek a deeper connectedness to you, all that is around you, and others. We promote consciousness through ideas on compassion, understanding, and God, by sharing passages, stories, and recommended actions from those regarded as truly aligned with spiritual goodness.

Work | Career

For most of us, nearly one-third of our lives are spent at our job. This is time that can be viewed as productive, difficult, bothersome, helpful, hated or loved. Above all else, we want this time for people to feel meaningful and fruitful. In the Work | Career Life Area, we offer pearls of wisdom for you to take to heart so that you can find joy and passion in what you do professionally, or find the motivation and courage to do something different, so that you can regard these “eight hours a day” as valuable.