Be carefree

Be Carefree Just Because You Can

Don't sweat the little things. Stop to smell the roses. Just be present. These cliches can easily be dismissed until something happens that makes doing them virtually impossible. More

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A 500-Mile Hike to the Center of Your Soul

A 500-Mile Hike to the Center of Your Soul

It is a 500-mile hike through open countryside, but more than that it is a journey to the heart of your matters. More

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One of Three: Pathways To A Better Life

In the game of "Real Life", I've noticed that there are three pathways we can take, each one of which leads to a completely different experience with our circumstances, dreams, and goals... More

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The top ten quotes on luck

Top Ten Quotes on Luck

This is your lucky day (or maybe you can make it so!). More

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