If you work really hard and are kind amazing things will happen.

If You Work Really Hard and Are Kind Amazing Things Will Happen

Now hard work is an admirable thing but if you’re willing to take an ‘any means possible’ approach then you might be missing out on some amazing opportunities. More

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Where To Finish in life

Where to Finish?

Good Guys finish first because they have established clear goals. With specific action plans. Which are based upon a foundation of ethical conduct. More

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Fall forward motivational speech by Denzel Washington

You Will Fail, So Fall Forward

To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did. Fall forward. More

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Shermon Braithwaite on Motivation, Mentors and Moms

Shermon Braithwaite on Motivation, Mentors, and Moms

From Arianna to Oprah, Branson to Braithwaite, mentors and moms make a world of difference as you work your way up. More

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Hannah Koen American Grit

What Are You Afraid Of?

Ask yourself, "If my failures are not going to be fatal, then why I am not living up to my full potential?" More

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Mumford and Sons Awake My Soul

Awake My Soul: Mumford and Sons Live at Red Rocks

Where you invest your love, you invest your life... More

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The Miracle on Ice as the U.S. Hockey team defeats USSR

You Have to Be Uncommon: The Miracle on Ice

Great moments are born from great opportunity. You have to be uncommon. Who do you play for? More

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Coach Carter: What is your deepest fear?

Coach Carter: Our Deepest Fear

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. More

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Be carefree

Be Carefree Just Because You Can

Don't sweat the little things. Stop to smell the roses. Just be present. These cliches can easily be dismissed until something happens that makes doing them virtually impossible. More

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The four stages of life by Mark Manson

The Four Stages of Life by Mark Manson

His insights into the driving forces of life illuminate why we do what we do. More

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Matter Does Mind, Mind Does Matter

Matter Does Mind, Mind Does Matter

Giving orders and implementing my way is what I do.I do not wait for an invitation. More

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Steve Jobs  Follow your Heart

Do What You Love

Although Steve Jobs and Alan Watts did not walk on the same path they ultimately reached the same conclusion: follow your heart, do what you love. More

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The miracle on hardwood

The Miracle on Hardwood: The Magical Power of Friendship and Basketball

Two friends, basketball, loss, and a miracle shot from heaven. More

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Elect kindness this 2016 presidential campaign

Elect Kindness This Presidential Campaign

We have evolved well beyond fear and violence mongering. Let’s elect someone who espouses and lives with ideals that help lift us up, not beat us down. More

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Heart to heart communities

Heart to Heart: Creating Compassionate Communities

“Heart-to-heart.” These words convey using honesty, understanding and compassion to craft solutions to problems and to build relationships. More

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Hay House what blows the mind

Most Powerful Truths: Hay House Authors Share Their Thoughts

Several Hay House authors offer their perspective on the single most powerful idea they know of, for us to ponder and, possibly, apply to our lives. More

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Let Doing What Matters Be Your Motivation

Let Doing What Matters Be Your Motivation

This year, I decided to stop spending my time on the endless work and instead to focus on the things that matter! More

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Which door would you walk through?

Which Door Would You Walk Through?

Find out what this might reveal about your personality! What motivates you? What matters to you? What makes you tick? More

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Say something and say what you need to say

Say Something. Say What You Need to Say.

A relationship is only as deep and true as the conversation is thoughtful and honest. More

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Adventure matters

Adventure Matters

A better life comes naturally with new experiences. Get motivated to try something fun and risky. Adventure provides and creates new experiences. Adventure matters. More

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Disconnect to reconnect

Disconnect to Reconnect

Most of us are so motivated and quick to see what we're missing out on that we miss out on what's right in front of us! More

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A Special High School Prom Story: Mr. Right Does Right by His Mom

A Special High School Prom Story: Mr. Right Does Right by His Mom

As students graduate and move up and on with their life, this video shows how one well-motivated high school student is already on the highest plane. More

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John Legend's All of Me Music Video

John Legend's "All of Me" Music Video

Share this with someone you love. More

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A first time miracle

Science and A Miracle: The Magic of Hearing for the First Time

You wil be deeply motivated and moved by each person who experiences a first in their life that leaves us all grateful and awed. Watch when science and miracle combine for people to hear for the very first time. More

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Sawyer Fredericks


You may say I am a dreamer...but I'm not the only one. Watch The Voice constestant and old-soul 16 year-old Sawyer Fredericks live his dream. Let us help you find the motivation live yours too. More

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Be more human Reebok video

Be More Human

Honor your body. Sharpen your mind. Motivate to elevate. Be more human. More

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow music video by Israel

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Music Video Featuring Iz Kamakawiwo'Ole

Be inspired by the melody, words and images. Motivation comes from inspiration! More

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A perfect stranger is just that

A Perfect Stranger: Aren't We All?

Be more motivated to discover another because like you and I, with warts and all, we are each perfect to get to know. More

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Everybody Hurts R.E.M. Music Video

Hold On. Everybody Hurts. Hold On.

R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" music video, because sometimes motivation is the last thing you need and a shoulder to cry on is what you need most. Hold on. Everybody hurts. Hold on. More

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Bruce Lee's five greatist motivational quotes on video

The Five Greatist Motivational Quotes by Bruce Lee

Friday Film Clip! Bruce Lee's five greatist motivational quotes, plus video of interviews and his movies. Check out #3 about being who YOU are. More

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Girl on fire: Alicia Keys live

Alicia Keys Girl on Fire Live!

Alicia Keys Girl on Fire Live: "You are deciding to step into your full self and not let anybody hold you back, not let anything stop you." Enjoy this video! More

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What is Your Capacity to Embrace Your Work?
What moments during the day should you not use your gifts? Isn't now the time to give what you can? Mr. Wright believes so...

What is Your Capacity to Embrace Your Work?

Isn’t now the time to discover your true capacity to give? More

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what would you change

What One Thing Would You Change About Your Body?

There is no denying that self-image comes to some degree from way outside the self. More

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Venture out to venture in

Venture Out to Venture In

Venture out to venture in. Go explore to get to know more. More

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America's natural beauty journey

Fantastic Film Clip: A Spectacular Journey Across Wild America

Get mesmerized by America's most spectaular natural places with this short, beautiful video. More

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Where you invest your love, you invest your life.

Where Do You Invest Your Love?

Whether work, friends, hobbies, family, dreams, or community, where do you invest your love? More

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The Mathematics of Love

The Mathematics of Love

Check out mathematician Hannah Fry as she breaks down your odds of finding true love... More

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Eiger mountain climbing world speed record

Fantastic Film Clip: World's Best Mountaineer Sprints Up An Ice Wall!

Ueli Steck smashes the record for climbing Switzerland's Mt. Eiger! Watch this amazing elite athlete and best mountaineer in history go! More

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Will Smith in the Pursuit of Happiness

Should You Pursue Happiness? Check Out This Clip From The Movie

Happiness is a by-product, not a product. It is an elusive thing to pursue, but easily ensues when your efforts are aligned with your heart. More

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Give: Give Love and Give Thanks

It boils down to this. Give. Simply give. Give thanks. Give love. Give thanks and love, these most precious gifts, to others and your children. Take a few minute to watch just this. More

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Hormones Rule: Why We Do What We Do, SImilar to 20,000 Years Ago

Hormones Rule: Why We Do What We Did 20,000 Years Ago

As much as the shape of our ear has not changed an iota over thousands of generations, hormones trigger actions in humans today that were required when we were simply hunting and gathering or learning how to make fire and water seeds. More

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happiness jar papers

How About A Jar of Happiness?

When times get rough one of the best things you can do is just reach into the jar and read about what made you happy. Randomly grabbing one of your random “entries” is best, as doing this will... More

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See as many sunrises as sunsets!

2020 Ideas to Live By

In 2020...make the impossible possible. More

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A Blog About Personal Financial Blogs

A Blog About Personal Finance Blogs

There are hundreds of personal finance blog sites. We thought we could sort through some and bring you a short list of popular and less well known but well-regarded blogs. Here are five sources of web-based personal finance information that we think are wise to consider: More

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If you have a juvenile delinquent child whose path seems to be headed the wrong direction, remind them that they are risk takers, but also point out that they are loving, courageous people who can use their powers for the greater good and if you're lucky, they will.


If you have a juvenile delinquent child whose path seems to be headed the wrong direction, remind them that they are risk takers, but also point out that they are loving, courageous people who can use their powers for the greater good and if you're lucky, they will. More

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Changing Perspectives in ones life

Changing Perspectives

One thousand years ago the pace of life was slower and the amenities fewer. But, we had then virtually the same innate forces we have today, in the form of hormones and autonomic nerves that trigger behaviors. We knew then virtually nothing of the physiologic “how and why” of those actions compared to the vast understanding we have today. More

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Discover Meaning in your Life

Discovering Meaning

Where do you find your purpose, your meaning in life? It lies at the intersection of what the world wants from you, what you want from the world, and what you expect from yourself. More

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