Disconnect to Reconnect

By: Luke Dancy | Relationships | Blog

It's so easy to constantly pick up your cellphone to see what you've missed. As a matter of fact how long does it take you to grab your phone when you hear the alert that you have a new text message or email? Most of us are so motivated and quick to see what we're missing out on that we miss out on what's right in front of us!

I'm certainly plugged in and love being connected on TwitterFacebook and other social networks probably more than most people!  The thing is though for me I draw a line at what I share and how far it really gets to my personal life. I strongly feel that the people in my personal life deserve just that...a personal relationship that's nobody else's business.

Let's be honest though that before 'social media' was around it wasn't that easy for us to get in touch with each other. Was that really such a bad thing? You had a house phone and snail mail coming in the mailbox along with the early stages of email. I strongly believe that as a culture we were better off before we all 'joined' the social movement. I understand the advantages when it comes to the business world because companies, and business professionals, have been trying for years to develop close relationships with their customers and truly connect with them.

Think back to this reality though when people actually enjoyed vacations, parents enjoyed watching their children grow up without telling the world about it and families actually spoke to each other when they went out to dinner. The world is different but it's still up to you how you live in it.