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The endless benefits of working hard

The Endless Benefits of Wise Sacrifice and Working Hard

Hard work and sacrifice is not a simple concept. But once you have integrated it harmoniously into your life, it will become the vessel that transports you to success. More

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Grit is it

Grit: What It Takes To Get It Done

Grit, or grinding away to stick with it, is the key to success. It's how motivated you are to keep going. More

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African Girl naomi-wachira

Making a Living, Making a Life

I just made the commitment to making a living playing music and am now doing that. It was a big leap but I had to do it. It is paying off. More

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Steve Jobs  Follow your Heart

Do What You Love

Although Steve Jobs and Alan Watts did not walk on the same path they ultimately reached the same conclusion: follow your heart, do what you love. More

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