What Are You Afraid Of?

By: Ken Streater | Passion | Purpose | Blog

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Like John Burk who wants to see Hannah Koen succeed, there are so many people in our lives who want to see each one of us succeed, and so many reasons in life to try harder. Is it your past or your future that scares you the most? Are you afraid of failure or is it actually success that worries you? Who or what is really intimidating Hannah?

If you are intimidated by someone or something as you strive to succeed, ask yourself "What is the worst that can happen if I try to do this?" Then go one step further and ask "If my failures are not going to be fatal, then why I am not living up to my full potential?" And, finally, "Should I really be afraid of failure?"

Remember who supports you. Stop crying. Fight to be better. Find your grit.