Where to Finish?

By: Jerry Campagna | Leadership | Blog

Nice Guys usually have great potential,
But finish last because they never apply it.
They have a tendency to take the easy way out
Often because they don’t want to rock the boat.
They are more willing to sacrifice morality
On the basis of peer pressure and social acceptance.
Nice Guys lifestyle may appear comfortable but
Offers little in the way of true growth and accomplishment.

Bad Guys justify any means to the end;
Morality and ethical conduct are not considered
To be necessary components of relationships and decisions.
They have a code of conduct
Which is based on manipulating others
For very self-centered goals.
Bad Guys are focused on Win-Lose scenarios
In which they maximize their assets
At the expense of others.

Good Guys finish first
Because they have established clear goals
With specific action plans
Which are based upon a foundation of ethical conduct.
This conduct is based on a Win-Win scenario
In which all relationships and decisions
Are mutually beneficial to all concerned.
It takes more focus to be a Good Guy.
One must be fully aware
Of what the Bad Guys are capable of doing
And be prepared to beat them at their own game
Without violating the ethical code of conduct
Which separates the Good from the Bad.

There is always the temptation to abuse power,
But unless we, as individuals, are willing to defend the principles
Which we claim to honor

Then the Bad Guys are going to win by default.
Nice Guys follow the leader,
The only question is
Who is more compelling
Good or Bad?