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Profile: Jerry Campagna is the President of The MOST Inc., a leadership and organizational development firm with a specialty in target marketing—Latino Style!   Jerry’s varied experiences as a Latino media and outreach expert, entrepreneur, and national sales executive gives him a unique set of talents in pumping up the VIBE™ and velocity of client-based engagement initiatives.Mr. Campagna is the former publisher of Reflejos Publications, credited with growing the small monthly newspaper with a dedicated team into the nation’s largest bilingual journal serving acculturated Latinos; Reflejos was honored in 2005 by Editor & Publisher as one of the nation’s “10 That Do It Right”‖publications in the United States—in any language.One of Jerry’s treasured moments was being recognized with an Honorary Degree from Harper Community College in 2004, acknowledging his contributions and leadership in the suburban Latino community.  Jerry currently serves as Adjunct Faculty, Nonprofit Executive Education at the University of Notre Dame with a focus on Latino leadership and organizational development.  The AGUILA Leadership Program is another initiative that Mr. Campagna co-founded and facilitated, missioned with inspiring aspiring Latino professionals to soar to higher heights in governance roles.


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