Elect Kindness This Presidential Campaign

By: Ken Streater | Leadership | Blog

I want my kids’ teachers to be positive and understanding. I want friends who are caring. I want my business partners to be considerate and collaborative. I want fellow community members to inspire hope and to lift others up. I want these same things of our president.

I want all children to know they are being led by a good person with a kind soul. I believe most people want this, too.

In this country, and increasingly throughout the world, bountiful creature comforts allow us to move past fear and distrust given that we largely have what we need to survive, and thrive. Today’s competition for necessities and turf is residue of ancient survival drivers. In our hearts, we know this. But ego and greed sadly reignite and inflame the thoughts of “someone taking mine,” until they become paranoias, as the head obtusely takes over the heart.

We have evolved well beyond fear and violence mongering. Let’s elect someone who espouses and lives with ideals that help lift us up, not beat us down.