Adventure Matters

By: Ken Streater | Parenting | Blog

After a weeklong holiday on Catalina Island, in California, with four families of five (8 adults, 12 children) we have disembarked the cruiser and set feet on the mainland.

On this vacation, technology and screen time took a back seat to fearlessness and scream time. For six days we swam in the ocean, paddle boarded in quiet harbors, marveled at marine wildlife, and jumped from high places into crystal clear water.

Here is a lesson from this trip: let your kids explore and adventure, and you do the same. Get motivated to try something fun and risky. A better life comes naturally from new experiences. Get outside, if only for an hour or a day, to explore, play, take chances, wonder. Hike, climb, bike, kayak, whatever. Adventure provides and creates new experiences. Exciting activities bring families together, build confidence, help you see what is possible, add passion to life, and create dreams. Adventure matters.