Ten Simple Acts of Generosity To Make A World of Difference

By: Ken Streater | Relationships | Top Ten Lists

Frustrated that you don't have time to do something grand in an effort to give your life more meaning? Then stop it. Stop thinking that grand acts are what make life grand. It is what you do today that matters. It is what you do right after you read this that will make someone's day. 

Pick one of these ten simple acts of generosity and do it, today. In this effort you are giving something grand, as a smile or tear of gratitude for the receiver has no price and can ripple on forever outward. Maybe a life of big meaning is most easily realized with smaller thinking, with little acts of generosity performed this moment.

1) Drop flowers off at the hospital welcome desk. The volunteers there will know who needs them most.

2) Leave a sticky note that simply says "You are looking good!" on public bathroom mirror.

3) Buy the person behind you in line their cup of coffee or sandwich. Just tell the cashier to add it to your bill.

4) Wish a stranger a good day. Just tell them you hope they have a good day. Don't do this as a cliche. Really mean it.

5) Pay for pizza to be delivered to a friend so that it is there in time for dinner.

6) Call the manager of your favorite store and tell him/her how much they brighten your day.

7) Give a book about kindness, love, gratitude, or generosity to a stranger because they made you smile.

8) Write a love note to your child, sibling, or parent and drop it in the mail.

9) Let someone go in front of you in the grocery store line even though they have more stuff than you do.

10) Park further away from the store or office than you need to. Give someone else a closer parking spot.