Discovering Meaning

By: Ken Streater | Passion | Purpose | Blog

Where do you find your purpose, your meaning in life? It lies at the intersection of what the world wants from you, what you want from the world, and what you expect from yourself.

The world wants you to be honorable and responsible. If you live by these principles we are all better off because of you. Be truthful, giving, and noble.

What you can hope for from the world is freedom and grace. Any being in its natural state can openly roam, discover, and nurture. Any human being has the right to be fulfilled and satisfied, as evidenced by the singing heart and glowing soul. And, as you grace others with your unique gifts, you too should be bestowed with blessings and goodwill from others and with the spirit of life.

What should expect from yourself? Simply to be pure in your intent and actions which include honestly realizing your capacity. To be, do, and give less than what you are capable of is to be insincere with yourself, and it is a limitation to the universe. Purity in this case does not mean being unnaturally angelic nor is it a measure of faith. It is clarity. It is transparency. It is listening to your heart, as your heart knows what matters. It is showing the world who you are and freely sharing your infinitely powerful gifts.

How do you know when you are living in this convergence, where all three elements align? You just know. It is that feeling of bliss and gratitude that flows across and through you like a warm summer breeze. You just know. It is when you are sitting quietly reflecting on goodness, holding a loved one, or helping a stranger. You just know. It is when time stands still, your heart is full, and your soul is on fire. It is when you laugh and love without restraint and revel in what life has given you and what you have given to life.