Top Ten Questions to Ask a School Your Are Considering For Your Child

By: Ken Streater | Parenting | Top Ten Lists

According to Stand for Children Arizona, here are the top ten questions to ask a school you are considering for your child or to make sure the school they are going to knows you are concerned. Your child is only in (fill in the blank) _____ grade once so make sure it is the best school possible.

1. May I have a copy of your school’s latest report card?

2. What are you doing to prepare students for advancement and what evidence do you have that it is working?

3. If my student is struggling, what support does the school provide?

4. What do you see as the role of parents at the school?

5. What makes this school different from my other choices?

6. What teaching methods are used at the school?

7. How will I know how well my student is doing? How often will I be informed?

8. How do you as an administrator support your teachers?

9. Will you walk me through a typical day at the school?

10. May I visit the school and sit in on a class?