The Energy of an Introvert

By: Daniel Czifra | Spirituality | Action Resources

If human beings can be categorized by their energy, then there are two groups of people:

Extroverts are:

  • energized when they have multiple people around them
  • verbal thinkers
  • share everything with everybody
  • process new situations easily
  • engage to new people more easy
  • easily communicate verbally

On the other hand, introverts are:

  • energized when they are alone or with their best friend
  • inside thinkers
  • share things with people close to them
  • need time to think about new situations
  • hardly connect with new people around them
  • easily communicate in texts

In our busy 21st century world being an introvert can be very painful. Everybody is talking and sharing except for maybe you. If you are an introvert, you’ve probably asked yourself many times: Am I ok? Is it normal to have time alone, when everybody is is out there?

My answer is: It is totally normal. In our life there are thousands of things that we just can’t change, and genetics are like this. You have to accept that you can act like an extrovert for a small amount of time, but you won’t be the person who talk to everybody on a large party. So how do you deal with yourself? Here are my tips how to survive as an introvert

1. Accept yourself

Being an introvert is not bad – not accepting it can be. When your mind is louder than your mouth, it doesn’t mean you are a bad or wierd person; it means that you talents are different than those of extroverts. With a louder mind, you can be a great engineer, writer, IT developer, or even a good-listening psychologist or life coach. Spend time marrying yourself, searching for your talents. Honing what  you do well always pays off!

2. Always leave on high

As an introvert, you probably have to deal with extroverts around you. They are  everywhere: at home, at your workplace, at the shops, etc. Whenever they are talking to you, keep listening and talking to them, but when you start to feel tired, just leave and recharge yourself with reading or music. This may sound strange but remember that whenever you became suddenly silent, extroverts will think that you are boring, shy, or just don’t like them when in reality you are just done being around people in general. Always leave on a high note!

3. Re-energize yourself frequently

Every introverted personality has their re-energizing methods – find yours, and ’use’ it frequently. From running to reading, you can use all types of rejuvenation. So, rather than being tired all time trying to keep up in an extrovert’s world, find some quiet time just for yourself.  It will keep you happy and motivated!

In my opinion, introversion is a great thing – all you have to do is accept yourself, find your talents, and keep practicing holding your energy level high. Good luck!