Top Ten Belly Fat Burning Foods

By: Ken Streater | Physical Health | Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Belly Fat Burning Foods
For a couple of years when I tucked my twin girls in at night I would do the jelly belly dance. For five- to seven-year olds this is pretty amusing, as a slapped my stomach and made it jiggle all the while doing a pseudo-rap thing that had some pretty bad rhymes and jive in it. Secretly, I hoped that slapping my stomach might make some of my midsection fat go away. Sadly, I learned that only diet and exercise could make that happen.

Certain foods help burn fat more than others and, by extension, may make your stomach smaller. So, if you are not one to do the jelly belly dance and want to try scientifically-proven fat reducing foods to help you shrink your waist line, then dig on in to the following:

1. Apples
Subjects in a Brazilian weight loss programs who ate three apples a day while dieting lost more weight than those who did not eat apples.
2. Hot Peppers
Hot peppers heat up your body. A hotter body burns more calories. Burning through and watching your calories means reducing how much fat you have!
3. Whole Grains
Twice as many calories are used breaking down whole foods (such as brown rice and oatmeal) than processed foods. Eat whole grains to feel a whole lot better!
4. Watermelon
You think it would go without saying that “water” melon would facilitate weight loss. But it’s not just the water. Watermelons alter blood lipids which reduces plaque buildup in arteries. This reduces belly fat.
5. Green Tea
A compound in green tea temporarily speeds up metabolism. Maybe not as much as Bolivian coca leaf tea, but green tea is legal. Sip on a few cups a day and watch the pounds melt away.
6. Bananas
Bananas are only about 100 calories each. They are also loaded with important vitamins and minerals. And, they come in a handy case that just peels right off.
7. Celery
It takes more calories to eat celery than are in the celery. And, celery is rich in vitamin C and calcium. So, crunch and munch your way to health!
8. Eggs
Rich in protein and full of the amino acid leucine that is a catalyst in burning fat, eggs are also rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent the oxidation in your body, which can cause a change in the beneficial condition in important vitamins.
9. Fish
Lean meats and especially fish are rich in protein which, unlike carbohydrates, doesn’t turn into sugar which turns into fat. Fish has omega three acids and mono saturated fats that boost metabolism.
10. Water
There is nothing as good as good ole water to make you lose weight. It can fill you up with zero calories, flushes your system, increases your metabolism, and energizes you to do out and do more exercise. Drink more water.