Its Never Too Late to Live Your Dreams

By: Ky Burke | Passion | Purpose | Personal Stories

Do you ever think it's too late to be what you want to be when you grow up? I have a friend who might prove you wrong! I met Dr. Donald Dreyer 22 years ago when I was a medical social worker and we shared patients at rehabilitation hospitals. He decided to become a doctor when he was 60 and since U.S. medical schools wouldn't accept someone of that age, he went to Mexico and earned his degree.

When I met him, he was 70 and had his own practice. He was my favorite Doc because he always took the time to get to know patients and their needs. We also shared a passion for celebrating life and I would see him out dancing every Thursday night surrounded by an entourage of 20 year olds. I used to tease him that they didn't have the energy to keep up with him.

After I left the medical field, I would still see him working out at the local health club. He said, "I was never athletic growing up so I decided in my seventies to try a sport, " he told me. He chose weightlifting. I hadn't seen him in years, and was so excited when I ran into him two weeks ago at one of our favorite restaurants. While we were catching up, he told me he had just broken a world record for deadlifting at the age of 92. 

“I hope to live to be a hundred, and I hope to be powerlifting at a hundred and competing," said Dr. Dreyer about his age and weightlifting. "I remember how it started. I just saw some other people powerlifting and wanted to try it." Dr. Dreyer now has eight world records.

Dr. Dreyer you lift more than weights. You lift the spirits and inspire everyone who knows you!