By: Ky Burke | Leadership | Personal Stories

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of trying to get our kids to do all the stuff they are supposed to do each day to be successful, we forget that inside every kid is a heart that wants to do the very best. The same can be said of adults.

Today my students read their goals for the year and I almost cried hearing how each one wanted to do better. "I will mow the grass to make my dad feel happy.", "I will play everyday so I can be good at sports.", I will go home and practice my math every night so I can get good grades.", "I will hold my knees in." (that one was a horse rider.) Then a former student came to find me clutching a handful of tests from the week. "Ms. Ky!" he said in the most excited voice ever, "Look at these grades they are almost all A's! "Good work" I said, "now, put those someplace safe so your parents can see them." He said, "They already saw them, I just wanted to carry them around so I could show you!" This afternoon another former student, now in high school, saw me. "Ms. Ky I checked my grades I've got an A in every subject except one." To each and every one, I said, "I'm proud of you, I believe in you, I know you can do anything you set in your heart to do."

Reminder: relax, love, smile, don't worry about how, just believe and get out of God's way. He somehow turns an acorn into an oak tree.