A Blog About Personal Finance Blogs

By: Ken Streater | Financial | Blog

Welcome to this blog post about blog posts.

There are hundreds of personal finance blog sites. We thought we could sort through some and bring you a short list of popular and less well known but well-regarded blogs. Here are five sources of web-based personal finance information that we think are wise to consider:

1. A fun and easy to follow site that imparts wisdom about the impact of regular habits on your personal finances is https://www.mint.com/blog/. Don’t be surprised if you can relate to a lot of the ideas but have not considered regularly implementing them.

2. Ellen Rogin approaches personal finances from an accounting and enlightenment point of view. She combines the softer spiritual side of money with actuarial sense. Her ideas are fresh and unique. See https://www.ellenrogin.com/blog/

3. Similar to Mint, Get Rich Slowly offers perspectives on daily behaviors that can significantly impact your financial standing. See https://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/ and learn from several well-regarded financial advisors.

4. Tom and David Gardner have built a monster of an investment advice site, The Motley Fool. One great feature is their “Investing Commentary” that allow you to search a variety of topics from one website. Check out https://www.fool.com/investing/index.aspx?source=ifltnvpnv0000001 in order to expand  your knowledge about stocks and more.

5. This is not a blog site but a great resource for those who like to listen to sound financial ideas rather than read them. Consider enjoying and learning from financial advisor Greg Pollack via recordings of his weekly radio show: https://gpollackfinancial.com/Upload.aspx?spid=143127&Title=Radio%20Show.