Just Saying What Might Be Good to Say

By: Ken Streater | Parenting | Top Ten Lists

Stop! Don't. Hurry Up. Slow Down. No.

There are studies that show the word "no" is uttered or commanded to children by adults 400 times a day.

This is not a scientifically-validated, research proven top ten list. It is from our heart, the parents at Motivation.com. This list offers positive phrases to say to your kids on a regular basis, besides those above. What you say to your child really matters and most of it should be encouraging and reflect your love.

You are invited to share what you think is good to say to a youngster in the comments section below. We can then create a top 100 list and spread the word in an effort to make the world a better place for our kids.

1. I'll help you.

2. I understand.

3. I love laughing with you.

4. I love watching you _____ (play, run, laugh, sleep, etc.).

5. I trust you.

6. Yes, that is a great idea.

7. I love laughing with you.

8. I'm so proud of you.

9. You make the world a better place.

10. I love you.

And, as an added bonus to this list

11. Yes. (In other words, just say yes)