The Ten Most Rewarding Jobs in America

By: Ken Streater | Work | Career | Top Ten Lists

As we did the research on the most rewarding jobs in America we found several magazine and online articles that listed a lot of different jobs, totaling at least four dozen jobs in different top ten lists. In other words, there is not consensus among researchers and authors on the top ten most rewarding jobs. 

The jobs that were listed initially surprised us. We expected to find certain careers (firefighter, teacher, nurse) as consensus favorites, but these are not even close to being on all of the lists.

We asked why and how some careers could be on some lists and not on others. We looked for a common thread among the few dozen different positions that were suggested and found these commonalities:

1. Jobs that serve others are more rewarding.
2. Those who choose to view their career as rewarding find their careers rewarding.
3. Everybody fits somewhere and anyone can find a job they like, based on their unique personal strengths aligning with the work they do.
4. Careers are fluid. The idea of finding a job that lasts a lifetime largely no longer exists. People change careers to find something more fulfilling. Those who look inward for satisfaction ultimately find rewarding work and then stay with it.

Here is our top ten list:

1. Clergyman or Clergywoman

2. Research Assistant

3. Construction Manager

4. IT Consultant

5. Software Developer

6. Educator (Teacher, Principal)

7. Property Manager

8. Substance Abuse Counselor

9. Financial Services Agent (Teller, Loan Officer)

10. Physical Therapist