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Profile: Jon Bullock is currently the Executive Director for the Redmond Proficiency Academy, a school that he founded. Redmond Proficiency Academy is a national leader is student achievement and leadership. He has been involved on countless layers of youth & youth leadership development. "I believe that young people are one of our greatest, untapped natural resources,” explains Jon. “Young people, and in particular student leaders, are filled with passion and energy. It is our job as adults to provide them with platforms upon which they can reach their potential and to build the scaffolding that supports their climb." Jon caught the bug for mentoring while coaching high school athletics and advising student organizations in Corvallis, OR, eventually serving as Chair of the Kids Helping Kids division of Children’s Miracle Network in Eugene, OR. More recently, he has volunteered with Sparrow Clubs, serving on the Board of Directors and as a speaker at public events. He is also counselor and motivational speaker for the Oregon Association of Student Councils.


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Want to Lead? Learn to Follow.

Want to Lead? Learn to Follow.

These are people who are passionate, people who are motivated to succeed, people who value those around them, and people who are quick to share praise and adulation with their team members. All of these traits emerge from lessons learned as an engaged follower. More...

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