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Profile: Sara Alvarado likes everything about being happy, dancing, skipping and playing. She also is a fierce business owner and a sharp negotiator, managing a successful boutique real estate brokerage in Madison WI. Her heart is what drives her and pushes her out of her comfort zone and into vulnerable places where tears are okay, joy feels right and writing her truth feels natural. Sara is most passionate about her husband and two boys and what it means to live fully. You can connect with her through her speaking and writing at or on Facebook.


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I painted. I played. I moved through my fear and had an intimate experience with the perfectionist in me

Soul Play for the Day

And I had it in my mind that I was a business woman with a creative splash but I would never have called myself an artist. People who paint and write poems and sculpt cool shit are artists. More...

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Just moments before I was one with everyone. I was not competing with anyone. We were all on this delightful, glowing journey together; helping each other, accepting each other, loving one another and dancing around in fairy dust. The next thing you know I’m in fighting mode. I’ve got my boxing gloves on, sweat is dripping from my cheek and I want to win. I want to win because I know I can. Because even if I can’t I need to try. I can’t be pedaling around town slowly. I need to prove something to someone. Bigger, better, faster.

From Buddha to Boxer and Back

I love to push myself and there are times that it is important, fun and exciting. But there are also times to let that go. More...

Spirituality | Personal Stories

Grateful For The Sound Of Your Breath

Grateful for the Sound of Your Breath

That night the baby monitor was on the wrong channel and what I thought was the fuzz of a sleeping child was simply the wrong channel. (Why would a baby monitor have two channels? What other freaking channel would I tune into?) My mother’s intuition kicked in but by the time it did, it was late. I pressed pause on the movie and listened closely. More...

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