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Profile: Lori Lyn Greenstone is the mother of six children ages 7 to 33 (all with the same hub); she and her husband have three daughters, each born in a different decade, and three sons. She has taught writing at several colleges, and has won regional awards for both her writing and her art. Her art is on the cover of Motherhood Memoir: Mothers Creating Writing Lives, an anthology to which she contributed. She recently won the Nature of Words Fiction contest in Central Oregon where she lives out her passion for the outdoors with her family.


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The Power of the Journal

The Power of the Journal

In the last two weeks, two of our six children have left home. Our middle son, who turns 21 this week, transferred to a University a few hours drive from where we live. We have been preparing for his impending launch for quite awhile, as he gained experience working and studying at the local community college. It was a tearful, but deeply satisfying send off. For now, I still have his journals. I can continue to add to them, and keep them safe until a later date when he chooses to revisit childhood. More...

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