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Profile: Named the "2013 Best Folk Singer” in Seattle, Naomi Wachira has become the toast of the Pacific Northwest music and motivational scene.  Naomi’s style and spirit are borne of her Kenyan upbringing and is blended with her experiences in America, where she has lived for the past 17 years. African concepts play a part in Naomi’s music, like the Zulu idea of Ubuntu, which means “I am because we are.” When you hear Naomi’s story, listen to her voice, sing along with her in harmony, and marvel at her ideals, you come to realize that all you want to be and do is here for you now, as it is with Naomi, when you bring dreams to life.


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Making a Living, Making a Life

I just made the commitment to making a living playing music and am now doing that. It was a big leap but I had to do it. It is paying off. More...

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