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Profile: David Shoup has the ability to turn even the most discerning individuals into raving fans. His clients have routinely praised his results oriented coaching style as original, dynamic, genuine and funny. Whether it’s from his days as a college student selling books door-to-door, to his time motivating his fitness clients to get healthy, or to training professionals in skills like Speed Reading or Memory Training, David offers top shelf advice around the world. Although he may not possess superpowers, you can still call David a superhero. His face is the model on which several comic book characters are based, such as Superman and Bruce Wayne. And, if comic books aren't your thing, catch David Shoup on reruns of One Life to Live and All My Children. Oh, and if that were not enough, David is a former morale and wellbeing consultant for the U.S. war zone members of the military.

Website: www.thedavidshoup.com

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