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Profile: Gunn Carlsen Menegus is a native Norwegian who has traveled the world, seen a ton, been involved with a lot more than a ton, and has provided body improvement services to clients from around the globe. She approaches each day with an honest desire to heal the world, one day at a time, as one of the most creative and experienced licensed physical therapists on earth.


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Matter Does Mind, Mind Does Matter

Matter Does Mind, Mind Does Matter

Giving orders and implementing my way is what I do.I do not wait for an invitation. More...

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Nine hugs a day is good physical therapy

Nine Hugs a Day

"The magic for me is nine. Nine hugs are what it takes for me to get through the day." More...

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If You Have a Left Arm I Have a Right

If You Have a Left Arm I Have a Right

Together they dressed the most beautiful table, plates in the middle and knife to the right, fork to the left, spoon next to knives, spoon above plate for dessert, glasses above knives and napkins on the plate.... And the ketchup packages were the name cards for each of the quest. More...

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