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Profile: Dana Morgan-Barnes grew up in the Los Angeles area where the culture was as fast paced as the cars on the Pacific Coast Highway. Over 20 years ago she moved to and fell in love with the Rocky Mountain region and eventually settled in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where the deer and the buffalo really do play. Dana is a certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer and Speaker. She is also a twenty year member and leader of Toastmasters International and has led and participated in these events around the world. Most recently, Dana is found at 5:00 am Zumba classes as an instructor and fitness consultant who urges others on--as she pursues her own improved health--with vigor and passion.


Dana Morgan-Barnes Motivational Articles

I Knew Things Had to Change

I Knew Things Had to Change

All my life, food had been my friend. It comforted me when I was down, I celebrated with it and it kept me company when no one else was around. More...

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New Year, New You?

Ready for a New You?

I have been obese most of my life. I changed my lifestyle when I discovered I was truly unhappy with how I felt and looked around at all the things I just couldn’t do. I’m now a Zumba Instructor and am able to do more than ever. More...

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Your weight loss is only about you

Your Weight Loss is About You

Once you have decided what you are willing to do to reach your goal, tell your family and friends. Tell them how they can support you and provide motivation. Do not buy into “oh, you aren’t fat”. More...

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