More Financial Freedom? More Discipline!

More Financial Freedom? More Discipline!

“…a disciple is one who stays focused on what really matters, and is careful about letting other less important issues or concerns get in the way.” More

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Surprising Steps to More Prosperity - Free Yourself of Physical Clutter—All That Stuff

Surprising Steps to More Prosperity

The more you collect any kind of clutter, the more possibility of being stuck, and less opportunity for the energy of prosperity to appear in your life. More

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Can you be financially fearless?

Can You Be Financially Fearless?

When you see clearly that your well-being is an independent variable and has no relationship to your bank balance, the easier it is to be fearless around money. More

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Money Matters: See what money is good for and what money is terrible at to adjust how you earn.

Money Matters

When you stop trying to make money to make yourself feel better you realize that the better you feel, the easier it is to make money. More

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The Day I Stopped Sipping...

At the end of the week I was shocked to learn I spent nearly $35 on soda alone. That means in a 52 week year I would spend nearly $2,000. More

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The six qualities of wildly successful people

The Six Qualities of Wildly Successful People by Brian Tracy

Prepared. Committed. Courageous. These are three of the qualities. The others might surprise you. More

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John Legend's All of Me Music Video

John Legend's "All of Me" Music Video

Share this with someone you love. More

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Top Ten Personal Finance Mistakes

There are lots of ways to make a great living. There are also lots of ways to not make great financial gains. Here are the top ten mistakes that people in the USA make related to their personal finances. More

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A Blog About Personal Financial Blogs

A Blog About Personal Finance Blogs

There are hundreds of personal finance blog sites. We thought we could sort through some and bring you a short list of popular and less well known but well-regarded blogs. Here are five sources of web-based personal finance information that we think are wise to consider: More

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