Focus on You: A Better You Makes a Better World!

By: Luke Dancy | Passion | Purpose | Action Resources

It seems like such a simple thing but let's be honest; aren't YOU worth 20 minutes a day?? You work, go to school, run errands or take on any of the infinite things that life demands. Well just because you have to do these other things doesn't mean that you shouldn't have some time for yourself to focus and do something that really matters to the most important person in your life...Y O U.

Now before you think I'm telling you to be selfish let's get the facts straight. Family, jobs and friends are all VERY important things in all of our lives so I'm not saying to neglect them but you also shouldn't neglect yourself.

What I'm going to outline below will probably really open your eyes as to how you can get so much done for what seems to be such a small investment of your time. Take a quiet moment to think about anything you've been sitting on and wanting to do. This could be you wanting to further your education, finishing a project you gave up on or giving yourself a very real chance to take the first steps in making a dream come true.

If you can invest 20 minutes in yourself then you know that ANYTHING is possible!

Did you know that if you set aside just 20 minutes every day then at the end of each week you're right at 2 1/2 hours of productivity. I'm rounding up about 10 minutes here, 20 minutes a day comes to 140 minutes a week, but you get the point. Even better is that at the end of the month you've now managed to give yourself a whopping 10 hours to focus and be productive. Of course if you want to round out the year then yeah we're now up to 120 hours of goodness which breaks down to 5 FULL DAYS!

This is an incredible reality that most people overlook because they truly believe that they just don't have time to do something because it takes too long. Well there are a lot of things I know you could accomplish if you were given a paid work week to immerse yourself in anything that you're passionate about. You have this power, the rest is up to you.