Stay Focused and Give 100%

By: Luke Dancy | Work | Career | Personal Stories

As a small business owner, and entrepreneur, I'm often asked for advice from people that are interested in this type of lifestyle. I work with clients and give 100% to each of them day in and day out and pride myself on that. I think it's only fitting though to pass along some encouraging words for those that want to make the jump into the deep end of being an entrepreneur.

First of all whatever job you're in now...give it 100%. Until you have a way to pull your own weight day in and day out you need to make sure that you don't lose focus on what's important right in front of you. It's good to want more but you need to be realistic about what it takes to live and pay those bills.

Now comes the good stuff. One of the most important things I've learned from working with different types of people over the years is something that's very near and dear to me. Take this with you as you go forward and never forget it. I've learned what NOT to do! Yep, that's my big piece of advice to you. If you're in that job that you hate, or you work with people that you don't like, take notes and always remember how each bad experience makes you feel. The one thing I'll always remember though is that I'll never do the types of things that people did to me in the past.

People are bothered by the way you talk to them. People are bothered by the way you come down on them and belittle them. People have feelings and lives outside of the job that they're doing for you. Being a business person is being a good person in my opinion. If turning into an asshole is okay with you then I hope we never work together.

Leaders don't walk in front of those that they lead, they walk behind them pushing them forward and cheering them on.

The people I'm surrounded with now are awesome and I couldn't be happier. The thing is that it wasn't always like that and I had to go through the funk to get here. Sure, nothing is perfect but as long as you're always motivated and learning something on your journey then you're a step ahead of the rest.

Keep pushing forward to get what you want but don't push people down to get there...