Motivation at Your Fingertips

By: Luke Dancy | Passion | Purpose | Action Resources

Before the internet was around people looked more and more to traditional books and face to face interaction to help deal with the problems they face in their lives. Now that people are becoming more and more connected with social media not only can you connect with other professionals, friends and with people that are sharing information and wisdom for a variety of topics.

When you take something like Twitter and do a search for #positivevibes or #positvemindset you will instantly find yourself surrounded by people that are pushing positive vibes into the online world. If you’re looking to start your week off in a positive way then don’t miss out on the #MotivationMonday messages going around on Twitter too.

This is powerful stuff! There are communities of people offering help, support and advice just because they care. Now when you’re having one of those days when you feel like you’re alone or that nobody cares all you need to do is connect to the goodness that is literally all around you all the time.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform there are people out there dealing with their problems and getting the support that they need. I absolutely love the thought of this and feel proud to be a small part of this new generation of people helping to do their part.

Luke Dancy Twitter Connect

Talk about power, are you having a tough day? Well guess what, I’m connected to Twitter right now so if you’re looking for an encouraging word, or you’re just looking for someone to listen, then all you need to do is click this link to connect with me and you instantly have someone that is there for you.

Times are tough and we all get thrown for a loop from time to time so it’s okay to have those bad days. When you do need a helping hand though, don’t hesitate to look for it though because it’s easier than ever to get the emotional support that you need to deal with that crazy thing we call life.