10 Steps to Create Positive Change

By: Camille Licate | Passion | Purpose | Top Ten Lists

I don't know about you, but I'm in need of some serious positive change! Life is moving so fast and I've found myself "in the weeds" wearing shoes that are just "too tight," with a "to do" list that is too long.

Today, I am sharing my personal Plan to Step Into Positive Change

1.)  Dance Out Doubt: When doubt creeps into your mind, put on some music and dance it out! (I did some serious living room dancing the other night).

2.)  Reach Out to Friends:  Open you heart to a trusted friend and don't hold back. Allow yourself to be supported! (I had dinner with my best friend and shared my fears over a new project. She offered some great advice).

3.)  Spend Time with Animals: Dog and cat therapy works wonders. If you don't have a pet, spend time outdoors watching the birds and squirrels. (I took my rescue dog, Maya, for a long walk and carved out time to visit Kids for Positive Change Mascot, rescue horse, Valentine, this week).

4.)  Seek Professional Help: Sometimes an objective perspective is all you need to get back on track! (I had a session with my counselor to discuss how I could manage my time better).

5.)  Belt Out Those Blues: Singing  can unearth a lot of stress and help you find your voice...literally! (Did you hear me?  I have been singing Broadway show tunes in my car while driving around town).

6.)  Sit in Silence and Breathe: Quiet your mind so you can hear the answers you are seeking. (This morning, I made a hot cup of tea, closed my eyes and focused on my breath and listened to my inner voice).

7.)  Exercise: Get those endorphins up! Up! UP! (I bought a monthly membership to Barre Class! My muscles are sore, but it feels oh so good!)

8.)  Rearrange Some Furniture: Create a new space for yourself. (I moved my favorite chair into my bedroom and created a sitting space where I can read and watch the birds outside).

9.)  Organize Your Workspace: This helps to unclutter your mind! (I bought several pretty boxes to house my extra office supplies).

10.)  Create Your Dreams: Carve out time to focus on your dreams and desires. I just launched HOTLINE, a comedic web series I created and I've been working on my programs for Kids for Positive Change.

Until next time, put your best foot forward!