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Profile: Camille Licate is an actor, author, Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer and founder of Kids for Positive Change: Taking Steps for a Brighter Future. She uses her talent as an actor in both theater and film, to share stories about hope and compassion. The author of the book, Small Shoes, Camille leads motivational workshops for teens and adults who need inspiration and support when experiencing change (see for more info).  Coupled with enrichment programs that teach kids about environmental issues, Camille’s Kids for Positive Change showcases kids who are channeling their energy, bright ideas and compassion into action-based positive outreach, focused on respect for all people, animals, and the planet.   


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Rescue her, rescue me. The story of a horse and self compassion.

Rescue Her, Rescue Me: The Story of a Horse and Self-Compassion

Valentine is a testament of what compassion can do and a reminder of what self-Compassion can do for me and you. More...

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Finding clarity in stillness

Finding Clarity in Four Minutes

Find your clarity by gifting yourself four minutes of stillness each day. Find your breath and focus your mind on your heart. More...

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Put Your Best Foot Forward: 10 Steps to Create Positive Change

10 Steps to Create Positive Change

I don't know about you, but I'm in need of some serious positive change! Life is moving so fast and I've found myself "in the weeds" wearing shoes that are just "too tight," with a "to do" list that is too long. More...

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