Know Winning

By: Rebeccah Silence | Passion | Purpose | Personal Stories

Six years ago I was running my third marathon. At the time I wasn’t feeling like much of a winner. I had recently gotten a divorce and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my life. I ran my heart out that day and my best friend ran the last 7 miles with me. 26.2 miles is a long way to run and I remember feeling like I was running towards something for the first time in my life. I will never forget my best friend yelling out to the people cheering us on. She was pointing at me and yelling “she’s winning!”

She was right. I was winning. I was winning because I decided to win instead of letting life or my divorce win. I got to win, withRe

Quitting or winning, you choose.

Tonight I watched one of my clients give a keynote speech. This young woman just 2 years ago was not sure if she wanted to live or die. Today she refuses to quit on herself. Tonight she got to win. I watched her experience what it is like to win and it took my breath away. I am talking about the only real win that we can experience, winning with yourself.

When you quit you guarantee that you lose. Value yourself enough to let yourself win.

When you win you show the world that winning is possible. Every time you win you prove that people can do anything. When you quit you show the world that there is always the possibility of losing.

Which ripple do you want to contribute to the world?

Tonight I watched a young woman inspire hundreds of people who now see new possibilities for their own lives. I was proud, I was inspired and I was reminded not to let myself quit.

Who would you be if you gave up the option of quitting on yourself? Who would you be if you gave up the option of quitting on others?

The worst pain I have ever experienced is when I have quit on myself. Wanting to quit is a defense mechanism. It’s natural to want to protect yourself but where does that get you? Is there ever a reward for defending yourself? Do you get to win that way? I have never won anything by being defensive.

We all want to quit at some point. I have had years where I wanted to quit every day. What I know is that when I choose to push through those thoughts (wanting to quit is just a thought) I get to win.

Make winning with yourself more important than winning a battle with another person or the world. Take your power back by recognizing that there is never a good reason to give up on yourself. Change your mind when you want to quit by imagining yourself winning.