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Profile: Rebeccah Silence is a certified life coach and music therapist with a master’s degree in counseling and extensive background in addiction recovery, school counseling and adult psychotherapy. As owner of Inspired Results, she provides trainings, facilitation and coaching all over the country, but runs her private practice out of Whitesboro, NY. She is known as the relationship guru, doling out expert coaching every Tuesday morning on KISS-FM in Utica, NY for Confession Tuesday. Rebeccah specializes in corporate trainings, couples counseling and one-on-one life coaching. She recently was published in the Clinical Leadership and Management Review, a peer-reviewed journal in its 25th year of publication, for her article "Learn How to Manage Difficult People." 


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Quitting or winning, you choose.

Know Winning

When you quit you guarantee that you lose. Value yourself enough to let yourself win. More...

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Preserve Your Relationship

Preserve Your Relationship

Please don't quit in your relationships. Don’t quit on you. Don’t quit on them. Don’t quit on the possibility of being able to work through anything, together. There is always a solution if you are willing to do whatever it takes to find it. I promise, there is a way to preserve relationships. More...

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The Truth About Heartbreak

The Truth About Heartbreak

The heartbreaks won’t ever stop coming as far as I know and that is OK with me. It’s OK because it means that I am still putting myself out there in the world offering my best self. The mantra I use daily, I’ve been doing it so long now it’s almost unconscious, is this: “Here’s me on a silver platter, take it or leave it.” More...

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See as many sunrises as sunsets!

2020 Ideas to Live By

In 2020...make the impossible possible. More...

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