2020 Ideas to Live By

By: Rebeccah Silence | Passion | Purpose | Blog

From expecting my second daughter to a cancer diagnosis, this year brought with it an array of opportunities, challenges and great lessons I think are worth sharing. If I could give you a gift for the new year, it would be applying these five lessons in your life for 2020:

  1. Have goals and set intentions, then get out of the way. Quit waiting to make your life happen and pick one big goal at a time. Then be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Once you know your goal quit trying to plan how you will make it happen and instead get 100% committed to becoming the person who does what it takes to achieve your goal.

  2. When you want love and connection (which we all do, all the time whether we are willing to admit that or not) be more loving and get connected. When you are willing to take a risk and get vulnerable with the people in your life, you model a new way to be in the relationship that the other person may not have ever seen before. Being authentic and honest is the most loving way to be in relationship and will bring you the most connection to another person.

  3. You are always winning! You are exactly where you need to be in any given moment for your highest growth. There are no accidents and there are no coincidences. Life will show you where you are out of alignment with your highest self in the form of messages, problems, crises, and disasters. Life is on your side whether you want to believe it or not, so be willing to face what’s happening so you can grow.

  4. Use your support system. Surround yourself with people who energize you, love you unconditionally, and who are reliable. The best way to find these people is to stay engaged in some sort of continuing education or personal growth work. Your support team is either supporting you in living life in a way that causes suffering or supporting your greatness. You choose.

  5. Count your blessings. Some of the biggest obstacles people face are fear, depression and anxiety. When you are faced with these emotions look for what you do have and what there is to be grateful for. One of the fastest ways out of your own self inflicted hell is to be grateful. You can start a gratitude journal or find a gratefulness accountability partner. Share your gratitude on social media or at the dinner table. This will make you an unstoppable force!

In 2020 I challenge you to make the impossible possible.