Ready for a New You?

By: Dana Morgan-Barnes | Physical Health | Action Resources

New Year, new you? I don’t know about you, but I don't need a new me. I think I am pretty awesome. What do I want? To be a better me! To be more healthy, more active, more able.

What are you doing to be a better you? Are you getting up, getting out and getting moving? I enjoy Zumba and walking outside, weather permitting. I don’t particularly enjoy the treadmill, so walking during the winter months can be a challenge.  I belong to our local YMCA. This location does not have an indoor track, so I do laps around the basketball court.  18 laps=1 mile.  Granted, it’s not very exciting but it does keep me moving. 

I have been obese most of my life. I changed my lifestyle when I discovered I was truly unhappy with how I felt and looked around at all the things I just couldn’t do. I lost over 80 pounds, I’m now a Zumba Instructor and am able to do more than ever.  I’m not a size 10 and I don’t need to be. My focus is on my health and my ability to do great things!

You don’t have to do Zumba to be active. There are so many options inside and outside your home. There are walking DVD’s, fitness DVD’s, equipment you can purchase for your home. Try them all and chose the one that fits your life and then do it!!  (You should always talk to your doctor before start a new fitness routine.) 

Getting a buddy or accountability partner is another way to keep moving.  Find someone else who wants to get moving, be more healthy and happy.  Give them that nudge to meet you at the appointed time and place when they don’t “feel like it” and they’ll do the same for you.  Share your accomplishments, celebrate with them with a non-food related treat like a movie or other local event.  Or, how about a new book or CD?

Speaking of “happy”. Most people become happier as they become healthier. There are several reasons: working out creates endorphins, which make our brains happy. Setting goals and reaching those goals make us happy. Being able to do more than before makes us happy. 

Becoming a “New You” is a marketing tool that you don’t need to buy into. You are awesome! Look at becoming the very best you. That, my friends, will make you truly happy.