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The power of your why

The Power of Your Why

Your why has to be greater than any punch you can take. Then you will realize true success. More...

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The favorite books of ten world leaders.

Favorite Books of 10 World Leaders

From Bill Gates to Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson to Sheryl Sandberg, here are the favorite books of government, business, religious and entertainment leaders. Check out Nelson Mandela's favorite! More...

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What mentally strong people don't do.

What Mentally Strong People Don't Do by Amy Morin

Psychologist Amy Morin presents a powerful list of what mentally strong people don't do. For example, mentally strong people do not shy away from change. More...

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Rescue her, rescue me. The story of a horse and self compassion.

Rescue Her, Rescue Me: The Story of a Horse and Self-Compassion

Valentine is a testament of what compassion can do and a reminder of what self-Compassion can do for me and you. More...

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The energy of an introvert

The Energy of an Introvert

If you are an introvert, you’ve probably asked yourself many times: Am I ok? More...

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The four stages of life by Mark Manson

The Four Stages of Life by Mark Manson

His insights into the driving forces of life illuminate why we do what we do. More...

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Heart to heart communities

Heart to Heart: Creating Compassionate Communities

“Heart-to-heart.” These words convey using honesty, understanding and compassion to craft solutions to problems and to build relationships. More...

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Pushing yourself to a whole different level

Pushing Yourself to a Whole Different Level

You now have three simple tools to prove your power to yourself. Do not be the one who sets limits on yourself. More...

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Finding clarity in stillness

Finding Clarity in Four Minutes

Find your clarity by gifting yourself four minutes of stillness each day. Find your breath and focus your mind on your heart. More...

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30 questions to ask your kid instead of how was your day?

30 Questions to Ask Your Children Instead of "How Was Your Day"?

Do you want to make your relationship with your kid(s) even better? Here is one of the best articles ever written on communicating with your children, grandchildren, or any children. More...

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