Where To Finish in life

Where to Finish?

Good Guys finish first because they have established clear goals. With specific action plans. Which are based upon a foundation of ethical conduct. More

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Top Ten Motivational Quotes of American Military Leaders

July 4 Salute: The Top Ten Motivational Quotes of American Military Leaders

Powerful and surprising motivational quotes of American military leaders: "Accomplishments will prove to be a journey, not a destination." More

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What mentally strong people don't do.

What Mentally Strong People Don't Do by Amy Morin

Psychologist Amy Morin presents a powerful list of what mentally strong people don't do. For example, mentally strong people do not shy away from change. More

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The Miracle on Ice as the U.S. Hockey team defeats USSR

You Have to Be Uncommon: The Miracle on Ice

Great moments are born from great opportunity. You have to be uncommon. Who do you play for? More

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Stephen Curry: Success is Not an Accident

Success is not an Accident

Are you motivated to do your best? Stephen Curry believes that great habits are what makes great success. More

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The top ten characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

Top Ten Personal Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

What traits does one need in order to be a successful entrepreneur? What characteristics are needed to build a business created of vision, heart, desire, and good old blood, sweat and tears? More

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Learning to Let Go and Love

Lead With Your Heart

With one hand Dr. Johnson was crushing souls and with the other he was saving them. More

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Elect kindness this 2016 presidential campaign

Elect Kindness This Presidential Campaign

We have evolved well beyond fear and violence mongering. Let’s elect someone who espouses and lives with ideals that help lift us up, not beat us down. More

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Are You a Leader?

Are You a Leader? Find Out How and Why Your Answer to this Question is Yes...

Nearly 400,000 have watched Drew Dudley's TED video on leadership. We are honored to count him as a contributor to Motivation.com. He is a visionary leader. More

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The favorite books of ten world leaders.

Favorite Books of 10 World Leaders

From Bill Gates to Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson to Sheryl Sandberg, here are the favorite books of government, business, religious and entertainment leaders. Check out Nelson Mandela's favorite! More

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Reminder: relax, love, smile, don't worry about how, just believe and get out of God's way. He somehow turns an acorn into an oak tree.


Inside every kid is a heart that wants to do the very best. More

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Heart to heart communities

Heart to Heart: Creating Compassionate Communities

“Heart-to-heart.” These words convey using honesty, understanding and compassion to craft solutions to problems and to build relationships. More

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Right Leadership

Right Leading

...a culture built on love and respect, and not fear and punishment, will produce the strongest, healthiest, and most successful teams. More

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Why The Geese Get It Right

Why the Geese Get it Right

There is no designated “leader of the pack” with a flock of geese—it is a shared leadership model that relies on every member of the group assuming a lead role in getting the team to their destination. More

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Nine lessons from a ten-time startup failure

Nine Lessons from a 10-Time Startup Failure

Looking to start your own business and for it to be wildly successful right out of the gate? Good for you! Go do it. Stay motivated. More

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Want to Lead? Learn to Follow.

Want to Lead? Learn to Follow.

These are people who are passionate, people who are motivated to succeed, people who value those around them, and people who are quick to share praise and adulation with their team members. All of these traits emerge from lessons learned as an engaged follower. More

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A special teacher changes her community and is honored by Ellen.

Ellen Honors a Special Teacher Who is Changing Her Community

Leading is only a matter of doing what you can and should do to make a difference in your community. Teacher Sonya Romero shows us how it is done and motivates us to do more! More

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what if everyone gave someone another chance?

What If Everyone Gave Someone Another Chance?

What if everyone gave someone another chance? We each have infinite power to lift another, to help someone turn their life around. More

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Erin Brockovich helped restore hope and life to a small town after a corporate environmental travesty

Erin Brockovich: An Everyday Hero

Erin Brockovich is a role model for us all as she illustrates the power of a pure and driven heart. More

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Martha Ryan Homeless Prenatal Program

Saving a Life to Live a Dream: The Story of CNN Hero Award Nominee Martha Ryan

I am a reckless optimist. But I never really wanted to save the world. I just acted on something that pulled at my heart. More

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I Have A Dream

Martin Luther King, Jr's Top Ten Inspiring Quotes

I have a dream...and so much more. Here are ten of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s most powerful quotes. What is your dream? More

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Hormones Rule: Why We Do What We Do, SImilar to 20,000 Years Ago

Hormones Rule: Why We Do What We Did 20,000 Years Ago

As much as the shape of our ear has not changed an iota over thousands of generations, hormones trigger actions in humans today that were required when we were simply hunting and gathering or learning how to make fire and water seeds. More

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